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Are you ready to overcome your pain, feel better, and get back to enjoying the life and activities you want? We’d love to get to know you better and help you get back on track to a healthier you. Before we analyze your posture and movements, we'll take the time to discuss your health history and goals you'd like to achieve with the program.

Our mission is to be the best in posture corrective exercise to help you stop pain and start living the life you deserve. By researching, developing, and utilizing the latest techniques and information available, our team is able to guide you in the healing of your body to get you back into activities you enjoy.

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Clinic Director, Exercise Therapist

Matt Pidgeon

Assistant Clinic Director, Exercise Therapist

Carrie Ann

Exercise Therapist

Miranda Terra

Exercise Therapist

Au'Vonnie Dorsett

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Get the results you're looking for with one-on-one sessions. We work with you to assess your current situation, analyze your posture and function, then create a plan for reaching your goals.

Book your sessions here online, though our app (download below), or give us a call.

To Schedule Your Appointments

  • Existing Clients - log in with the "My Account" link at the top of the schedule. (If you're having trouble logging in and you've seen us before, please contact us for help.)
  • New Clients - you can use the "My Account" link at the top of the schedule to the right and create a new client profile.
  • Under "Select Appointment type," choose whether you'd like to see us in person or virtually, along with the appropriate session type.
    • First New Client Session: Get started with the Activ8 Posture program by booking your first appointment. This initial session may last up to 90 minutes as you and your therapist get to know each other, understand how your body is working, and get started on your personalized program of corrective exercises.
    • Impact New Client Sessions: Impact sessions are for new clients who have already completed the First New Client Session. "Impact" describes the first package of 8 or 16 sessions designed to transform your body in order to get you out of pain and restore you to better movement.
    • Thrive Existing Client Sessions: Thrive sessions are for those who have completed their first Impact program of 8 or 16 visits. With Thrive appointments, we don't just want you out of pain but working towards your goals and a more optimal level of health.

Easily Schedule Your Sessions!

The Activ8 Posture Boston app makes it easy for you to book sessions on your mobile device. Check for open times, schedule appointments & classes, make purchases, update your information, access clinic information & more!

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