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Au'Vonnie Dorsett

Au'Vonnie Dorsett

Exercise Therapist

Au’Vonnie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science with a Strength and Conditioning specialization from Ithaca College, and Master of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. She is the founder of Ithaca College’s first women’s fitness organization, and supported upcoming healthcare professionals through her work as a group fitness instructor, teaching assistant and peer-mentor for health science courses.

Au’Vonnie also held positions as an assistant strength and conditioning coach for women’s and men’s sport teams at Ithaca College and Duke University, including: basketball, wrestling, soccer, track and field, volleyball, baseball, softball, tennis, golf, field hockey, and fencing. She has a passion for addressing physical inactivity and lack of adherence from a holistic approach, which considers the ways in which mental health, social support, and physical limitations (like postural realignment and full body biomechanics) impact activity levels.

She has developed strength training interventions for clinical populations including post-surgical patients and individuals with obesity, cardiovascular disease, and chronic pain. Au’Vonnie most recently held the title as an exercise therapist for UNCG’s Bariatric Exercise and Lifestyle Transformation program. She founded Fit for a Lifestyle in 2021, a community-based intervention program designed to combat exercise-related health disparities within the Greater Boston area. The program provides group exercise training and teaches adults how to face exercise related barriers in order to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

“My top goal for clients is to enhance their overall vitality by giving them the power to partake in their daily activities and favorite hobbies without recurring symptoms, like pain, joint discomfort, and various physical limitations. The Activ8 Posture methodology makes this possible by creating individualized corrective exercise programs to improve posture, movement compensations, muscle imbalances, mobility, and most importantly prevent future injuries.

"Improper full body movement and muscle dysfunctions can also inhibit athletic performance training, hinder proper injury and post operative recovery, and be a demotivating factor for personal fitness goals. I am enthusiastic to be a part of Activ8 and to continue improving lives through postural education and exercise!” 

When outside of the clinic, Au’Vonnie enjoys hiking trails and gorges with her dog Teddy, reading literature, singing, creating music, gardening, traveling, and checking out the best food spots in town!

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