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Activ8 Posture Virtual Appointments

Overcome chronic pain,  achieve optimal alignment and holistic wellness through personalized virtual posture therapy online sessions from the comfort of your home or office.


Our Process Simplified

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  • Schedule your virtual session (or Free Consultation if you're new).
  • Receive a Zoom link via email.
  • Set up your space with a webcam and a quiet environment.
  • Connect with our posture therapy experts.
  • Receive a personalized therapy plan

Why Choose Virtual Posture Therapy Sessions?

Convenience at Your Fingertips

No need to worry about commuting or fitting appointments into a busy schedule. Virtual sessions give you the freedom to connect with our posture therapy experts from the comfort of your own space. Whether you're at home, at work, or on the go, our virtual platform is accessible whenever you need it.

Global Accessibility

Distance and location are no longer barriers to receiving high-quality posture therapy. Whether you're in a different city or on another continent, our virtual sessions bring our expert services directly to you.

Personalized Attention

Our virtual sessions ensure that you receive the same level of personalized attention and care as you would in our physical clinics. Our therapists take the time to understand your unique needs and create a tailored plan for your posture improvement.


Virtual sessions eliminate travel time and waiting rooms. This means you can use that extra time for things that matter, like spending time with family or focusing on your wellness journey.

Client Success Stories

My therapist, since November of 2017, has helped to keep me from being crippled. The exercises they give you are specifically designed for your body and your abilities. I can now walk all over the hospital on cement floors all day long with very little pain. I still have to keep up with maintenance exercises which don't take me much time at all, and they are available to me whenever if I have an issue crop up in between virtual visits. Do not hesitate for one minute to seek help from Activ8 Posture Boston - worth every. single. penny.  🩷

Karen S

Sign up.  Pay the price.  DO it.  The changes within DAYS are amazing.  I was told surgery was my only recourse for severe spinal stenosis.  I couldn't walk 50 yards without excruciating pain.  I had trouble sleeping.  The issues and pains went on and on.  Now, a few weeks later, I am walking a mile or more, riding bikes 15 miles, and sleeping through the night.  I burned my surgeon's business card.

Eddy H

I am an eighty-year-old practicing physician who has been participating in the Activ8 Posture program. I started the program because I was suffering from scoliosis, which caused low back pain and difficulty walking. Before starting the program I was told that nothing but surgery could help my problem. I am happy to report that this was incorrect.

Remarkably I have seen amazing results in a very short time. My alignment has greatly improved, I no longer have low back pain, and my ability to walk distances has improved. I consider the program nothing short of miraculous, at least it has been for me.

Rochelle F, MD

Take the first step toward a balanced and pain-free life.

Meet Our Team

Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips

Au'Vonnie Dorsett

Posture Therapist

Kimberly Pasamonte Activ8 Posture Los Angeles

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Posture Therapist/ Clinic Director

Frequently asked questions

What equipment and setup do I need for online posture therapy sessions?

To participate in online posture therapy sessions, you need a stable internet connection, a computer or mobile device with a camera and microphone, and a quiet space for effective posture correction exercises. We primarily use Zoom for our virtual sessions.

How do I schedule a virtual posture assessment and therapy session?

Booking a virtual posture assessment is easy. Schedule your sessions or free virtual consultation here on our website below. Choose the posture therapy service you’re interested in, select a convenient date and time, and complete the booking process.

Is online posture therapy as effective as in-clinic posture correction?

Absolutely. Our virtual posture therapy sessions are tailored to offer the same level of personalized attention and musculoskeletal expertise as our in-clinic sessions, contributing to your progress and holistic health and wellness.

What payment options are available for virtual posture therapy?

We accept various payment methods for posture therapy sessions, including credit cards and debit cards through our secure online payment portal, making it convenient to invest in your health.

Is my personal information secure during online posture correction sessions?

Yes, your privacy is paramount. We use secure platforms for our online posture correction sessions, ensuring that communication is encrypted and your personal health information is confidential.

Can I reschedule or cancel a virtual posture therapy session?

Yes, we understand that life happens and you can reschedule or cancel your virtual posture therapy session if needed. Remember that we like to keep you on track with your goals and build on your progress, so try to reschedule your appointment to maintain your momentum. Please provide at least 24 hours’ notice for cancellations or rescheduling to avoid any inconvenience.

What if I face technical issues during the virtual pain relief session?

If you experience technical issues during your virtual pain relief session, inform your therapist immediately via phone or email. We will guide you through basic troubleshooting or reschedule the session if necessary. If you're new and not tech-savvy with videoconferencing apps like Zoom, we can schedule a test run of your setup.

Do I need special equipment for the virtual posture alignment sessions?

No special equipment is needed for posture alignment. Your therapist might suggest simple household items like a chair, towels or pillows for certain exercises. We will send your invidualized posture therapy exercises via email and you can use a web browser or the app to watch the exercise videos.

Can I ask questions about pain relief and posture improvement during the session?

Yes, we encourage it and believe education is a cornerstone to your success with posture therapy! So feel free to ask questions about pain relief, posture improvement, or any other concerns. Our therapists are here to provide expert advice tailored to your health and wellness needs.

Can I receive a customized exercise program for chronic pain relief through virtual sessions?

Yes, our therapists will create a customized exercise program based on your posture assessment and goals. This program is designed to be used at home to improve posture, alleviate chronic pain, and enhance overall wellness.

NEW to activ8 posture?

Schedule Your Free Virtual Consultation and Posture Assessment


Schedule your free virtual consultation and posture assessment with the clinic that is most convenient for you or closest to your time zone. Book your appointment below or reach out to our Boston or Los Angeles clinic with any questions.

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 Virtual POSTURE THERAPY Sessions

Schedule Your Virtual Posture Therapy Sessions


Ready to get started with your first virtual therapy session or already a client with us? Choose the clinic and time zone you prefer to work with below.
If you're already a member at a clinic, log in with the "My Account" link at the top of the schedule. See below for more about the types of appointments. If you're unsure, reach out to our Boston or Los Angeles clinic with any questions.

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All appointment types listed here are for Virtual Posture Therapy Sessions or getting started with a Free Virtual Consultation and Posture Assessment for new clients. Please visit the Boston or Los Angeles clinic page for scheduling an in-person session.

Under "Select Appointment type," please choose the appropriate session type:

  • First New Client Session: Get started with the Activ8 Posture program by booking your first appointment. This initial session lasts between 60-90 minutes as you and your therapist get to know each other, understand how your body is working, and get started on your personalized program of corrective exercises.
  • IMPACT New Client Sessions: IMPACT sessions are for new clients who have already completed the First New Client Session. "IMPACT" describes our initial 8-week posture therapy program designed to transform your body in an accelerated fashion to get you out of pain and restore you to better movement.
  • Thrive Existing Client Sessions: Thrive sessions are for those who have completed the 8-Week IMPACT program. With Thrive appointments, we don't just want you out of pain but working towards your goals and a more optimal level of health.

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